About Us

The Landscape Survey Group exists to ensure that a landscape approach is embedded nationally within archaeological practice at all levels and across all parts of the sector – academic, curatorial, commercial, and voluntary. 

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Membership of the Landscape Survey Group is open to anyone with an interest in landscape survey. The annual subscription of £10 per person is payable in the first two weeks of April.

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The LSG Team

Chair – Zoe Arkley

Zoe graduated from Bournemouth University in 2012 with a BSc in Archaeological and Forensic Sciences. Going into her degree, Zoe wanted to pursue a career as a Forensic Scientist. However, after taking part in her first training excavation there was no turning back. She then worked with Historic England’s research teams while on a CIfA Historic Environment Placement before moving into heritage consultancy in 2014. Zoe is now a Senior Heritage Consultant at Cotswold Archaeology and has specialisms in landscape survey and late prehistory.

Vice Chair – Olaf Bayer

As an archaeological Investigator in Historic England’s landscape archaeology team Olaf conducts surveys of sites and landscapes across the south and west of England. He joined Historic England in 2015 having worked in academic, commercial and community archaeology since the mid-1990s. His PhD focused on surface lithic scatters in the lower Exe valley, Devon. He has a particular research interest in the prehistoric landscapes of south-west Britain. Olaf is also a research associate and tutor at Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education.

Secretary – Krysia Truscoe

Treasurer – Rosemary Hooker

Rose has been an active member of Surrey Archaeological Society for many years. She gained a BSc in Archaeology and Environment in 2004 from the now defunct Continuing Education course at the University of Surrey. Rose regularly participates in surveys, excavations and artefact studies, and her primary interest is in prehistory.

Rebecca in West Kennet Long Barrow

Membership Secretary – Rebecca Pullen

Becca is based in north of England as an archaeological investigator in Historic England’s national Landscape Archaeology Team. An important part of her role is undertaking a range of applied research and analytical earthwork survey projects across a variety of sites and landscapes. Becca also has a background in commercial archaeology and has been heavily involved in several academic landscape research projects over the past two decades, most recently looking at aspects of prehistoric west Dorset and north Pembrokeshire.

Website and Social Media – Daniel Hunt

Since graduating in 2014 Dan has worked in several roles across the public and private sectors. During this period he has been involved in notable work on the EU-funded CHERISH Project which aimed to record and research coastal monuments and landscapes across Wales and Ireland threated by climate change. His main background and passion is in digital survey and recording, mainly in the use of drone-based technology to identify and record archaeological sites and landscapes across the UK.

Mark stood next to a Total Station

Newsletter Editor – Mark Bowden

Mark graduated from Reading University in 1979 and, after extensive excavation and museum work, joined the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England in 1986 as an Archaeological Investigator. He worked initially in the north of England and headed the Commission’s Newcastle office for several years. He then moved to Swindon in 1998 to lead the Swindon and Exeter archaeology teams. As a Senior Investigator he managed Assessment Team West within Historic England until he retired in 2020. He has published extensively on the history of archaeology, archaeological survey and the archaeological landscape.