Conference 2014

The Landscape Survey Group (LSG) held its inaugural conference in September 2014. 

Landscape Perspectives: new approaches in Archaeological Survey

at the University of Sheffield 

The conference offered fresh perspectives on archaeological survey by highlighting new approaches and the application of innovative techniques to landscape recording and interpretation.

Friday was a full day of talks, posters and demonstrations, with a field visit to explore the local landscapes of Redmires and Big Moors on the Saturday.

Read summaries of some of the papers here:

The Wisdom of the Crowd: Developing Crowd-sourced Interpretations of Landscape
Damien Campbell-Bell

Seeing is believing… or how do we classify what we see?
Angela Gannon, RCAHMS

The Ordnance Survey and perceptions of the British landscape: lessons for the future?
Mark Bowden, English Heritage

Algorithms and ‘feature-extraction’ – what role in landscape survey?
Dave Cowley, RCAHMS